4 Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketers

4 Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketers:-Content marketing is an essential part to run a business online today.  Without it, it is nearly impossible to grow your business regardless of its industry. While many business owners aware of content marketing and understand that it’s a great effective tool to build brands. Many people don’t have knowledge about content marketing and its importance. Here are some content marketing statistics to help give you an brief idea:

  • As per content marketing institutes, 72% of marketers believe that content marketing increase visitors engagement on website. Additionally 72% says that content marketing increased the number of leads.
  • It generates 3x leads than outbound marketing and costs 62% less an average.
  • Small businesses having blogs get 126% higher lead growth than those businesses without blog.
  • Website with blog have 434% more indexed pages on SERP result.

If you make use of WordPress CMS as your website platform, you can take benefits from hundreds of various plugins that extends your websites functionality.

Here are basically 4 content marketing plugins you should use:

4 Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketers

  1. CoSchedule:- a large part of content marketing is content management. Fact is, when you plan content accordingly, you should increase the chances of staying consistent with publishing schedule. More consistent you are, more likely you to acquire clients.

With CoSchedule plugin, you can get benefits of utilizing an editorial calendar. Schedule upcoming posts, create content map, select authors and many more. Not only CoSchedule make it easier for you to understand your marketing plans but also you can:

  • Provide quick overview of your scheduled content.
  • Build shareable resource for your team.
  • Assure content is diverse and well balanced.
  • Become ongoing source on content information.
  • Maximize content output and prevents overload.
  1. Yoast SEO:- Nodoubt SEO is bread and butter for content marketing. Search engine optimization allows you to build pages that are responsive and appealing to search engines. Thus it makes chances to appear on top of search results for your site.

Unless you may hire an SEO Expert or agency, chances of that you keep costs low and learn how you do it yourself.  That’s where yoast seo comes into role. yoast helps with improve ranking by make it easy for you to understand the areas your content should optimized.  With simple interface you will be able to preview how your page looks in search engines.

  1. WP Super Cache:- with cache plugin, you can improve your page loading speed. Overall it can help with user experience and increase conversion. Speed is a crucial factor for all the websites. Customers make a fast decision for where their money is going.
  2. Pixabay:- In Content marketing world, visuals can make all the differences. You may use images to flesh out copy and engage visitors. Unfortunately searching relevant images especially when if you don’t have anything original to make your post attractive isn’t always easy. Pixabay aims to  answer some common issues included with finding images for your blog posts.

With Pixabay you can choose creative images from various domains. These images are copyright free, safe to use without scare of paying something. Simply search for the required images and sort from Pixabay’s library of results.