5 Hacks on How to Quickly Learn WordPress Basics

5 Hacks on How to Quickly Learn WordPress Basics:-Creating and actively running a website is not an easy work. You must have knowledge about SEO, programming, WordPress, Marketing and handful of many other things. Fortunately WordPress make it very easy for you.

Whether you are a blogger or aspiring businessman, learning the basics of WordPress is essential for your success.  There are mainly five key areas in which you should have to focus.

5 Hacks on How to Quickly Learn WordPress Basics

Let’s start learning:

  • General Notions:- Registration and Installation of WordPress is a big deal. However, you face various things that looks new to you in the process. How to learn basics of WordPress fast? Invest some time and you will be able to learn very basics in a single day.

Here the main advice is not stuck up with the theory. If you want a Youtube video, make sure to have WordPress open to try all new stuff as it goes.  The thing you miss in these videos is called “silo”.  Categorize your content as much as possible to make it easy for Google spiders to find and index all your pages. This is called silo structure and it’s also good for SEO purposes.

  • WordPress Themes:- if you are using WordPress CMS, the bad thing you’re not digital artist. You are not a designer and even you don’t know UX and UI mean. It doesn’t mean your site doesn’t look good. WordPress allows you to make your site looks professional and it can be done by installing theme.  You can easily check what themes are available for free in “appearance” section. Have a look and style your website as desired.

Now it wouldn’t hurt you if you invest some money in design. For example buying a premium theme may be a right decision for your business site.  Many options in the appearance sections made exclusively for a single purpose such as blogging or ecommerce. With theme that best suits your website you can create elegant designs.

  • Optimize for Performance:- you can run your site however you want. But seeing large videos lag would not attract to readers or visitors of your website. You may have seen this on flashy websites that have a powerful “wow” effect.

You have a video converted in the right format but it doesn’t run smoothly on your site. What’s wrong? You have not optimize your site that’s what.

If you are using images on your site, compress them. You don’t need images in 4K. compress them using plugins or online tool and your site will load faster.

  • Use Yoast SEO:- Probably you’ve heard WordPress has lots of plugins. These extensions help to improve WordPress capabilities. You may be end up using various plugins but this one is must. Yoast SEO allows you to make your site SEO friendly. Search engine optimization is technique that helps you rank high on Google search.
  • Online Security:- The last thing is to prevent your site from being hacked. WordPress is widely used CMS platform that millions of dedicated webmasters use. Because many website owners have some knowledge about security. It makes WordPress site titbit for hackers. Here is what you should do to avoid being hacked:
  • Use Strong Password
  • Backup website regularly
  • Update all plugins & wordpress to latest version
  • Monitor site constantly

If you find a change in files that you don’t make, change password and contact WordPress support.