How to add Google fonts to WordPress?

How to add Google fonts to WordPress?One of the easiest ways to expand the design & professionalism of your site is to make use of great fonts. Most people don’t think for a minute about font they are using on their website. However if you are developing own WordPress theme or editing a theme that you have currently installed, a nice font selection should be great part of the process.

Choosing a font or font combination for your site is quite boring tasks. There are very few web safe fonts available for you to use, but now with high number of web optimized fonts continuously being created. So it can be complicated to figure out which one to use.

With the introduction of Google fonts and the 900+ font families are now available that makes it complex to choose a good font. However from the last few years development around Google fonts has made it easy to implementing any choice.

Why Should I use Google fonts?

Google font has become one of the reliable greatest font resources available on web today. All of the Google fonts are open-source fonts. Designers who create fonts have to go through consideration process to include their fonts in Google’s directory. That means having access to thousands of designer across the world; font can’t be added to directory without ensuring they are web optimized.

Using different fonts means people had to have the font installed on their system to allow the browser to display them appropriately. With Google fonts all the fonts are accessed directly from Google directory ensuring that they will work practically on any machine or any browser.

How do I use Google fonts on my website?

Some WordPress themes like Total WordPress theme provide options built into the theme for easy altering of your Google fonts. Navigate to customizer and then tap on typography to edit main fonts, font size, font weight and even line spacing for elements.

However if you are using any other theme then you could add fonts manually or through a plugin.

Which font should I use?

The best quality of the Google Fonts Directory can likewise make life troublesome for you. There are such an extensive number of fonts accessible to utilize that finding and picking a better than average textual style blend can be a test.

The fonts you pick will depend totally upon what you are endeavoring to pass on with your plan. Fonts are utilized to catch the enthusiasm of the site’s perusers. They are utilized to attract thoughtfulness regarding different parts of the site, and an extraordinary fashioner can do ponders with inconspicuous contrasts in the fonts they use.

One thing you have to comprehend is the distinction between a text style and a typeface. Those two terms are every now and again and inaccurately utilized conversely. A text style is the finished gathering of letters, numbers images, and so on. When alluding to the plan of that gathering you would consider it a typeface.

Font Classification:-

There are numerous classifications that can be applied to fonts. They are Serif, Display, Sans Serif, Handwriting and Monospace. There are many others that mainly used in print, through we don’t need to concern ourselves with them right now.

Serif fonts have a tail that hands on the edge of each character.

Sans Serif fonts have no tails.

Display fonts are decorative and unusual.

Handwriting font looks like hand written cursive.

And Monospace are the fonts that composed of character that each take up the exact amount of space.