Best WooCommerce Alternatives, Better Options for Online Store

Best WooCommerce Alternatives, Better Options for Online Store:-Anytime when it comes to sell products online, no doubt WooCommerce is every time favorite. 30% of businesses choose WooCommerce to build their website. There is no need to tell why they use WooCommerce- it is easy to install & configure.

Unlike WooCommerce, some of the alternative software are hosted eCommerce solutions such as BigCommerce, Shopify. But also there are some self hosted ecommerce solutions are also available like Magento and Opencart.

Hosted ecommerce solution is ready to go software packages where you don’t need to worry about hosting and security. Support level is also great. On the other hand self hosted software are a bit more D-I-Y. They need to start with good hosting, download and install software like WordPress and WooCommerce and customize it to suit your store requirements.

Best WooCommerce Alternatives, Better Options for Online Store

  1. Easy Digital downloads:- this is a plugin that specifically designed to sell digital goods online. It will instantly change your WordPress site into online store since it has all the required features. For any additional features, free and paid extensions are also available. You can make use of them to add payment gateways, messaging, adding reviews, invoicing, popups and much more. Main attraction of this plugin is that basic plugin is extremely free while extension can be bought individually. Also you can buy addon bundles that start at $99 per year.
  2. Shopify:– this is a hosted solution that caters to over half million online store owners both small and big businesses. Anyone can a trial version of this scalable software for 14 days for free. Within a few minutes you will be able to setup your store and ready to accept orders & payments from all over the world.

After ending your trial period, you can select a plan starting from $9 per month to $299 per month. If you are a enterprise level operator, then shopify team will customize plan for you. For most beginners plan of $29 per month is sufficient. You will be able to set inventory, add new sales channel, and manage products.

  1. Gumroad:– this will helps you sell online anything- digital or physical goods, subscription and pre-ordered items also. It’s an amazing place to sell if you have any creative steak and you want to put it to commercial use. WordPress owners can take help of plugin to embed Gumroad into their sites.

You will feel happy to know one of its greatest advantage that you can offer multiple versions of your product, offer discount codes and generate license keys. Simply by clicking a + sign to the products you can ask visitors to pay what they wish. To make sure your goods are not shared, built-in abuse prevention, PDF stamping and turn off downloads features are also available.

  1. MemberPress:– if you want to sell subscription or memberships, you needn’t look beyond MemberPress. Almost all features that you require is available in this plugin. Moreover this plugin makes it easy to integrate custom codes easily. So you can customize it anyway you want.
  2. Magento:– This is a complete standalone platform that involves every desirable ecommerce features and offers high quality of customization. You’ll never search for an extension with Magento. Unfortunately it is not easy to setup and customize similar to WooCommerce and many of us need a professional to do this.