Best WordPress Security Scanners for Detecting Malwares and Hacks

Best WordPress Security Scanners for Detecting Malwares and Hacks:- It’s a luck for mischief makers on internet if they get a way to harm websites. They can make a single shot at approx 30% of websites over internet. That is the downside of WordPress being popular content management system. As site owner, we need to be proactive & update security measures regularly to be safe from malicious attacks and hackers. Our essential and easy to implement step in your security checklist is to scan your WordPress site for vulnerabilities.

Why Should Scan WordPress for Vulnerabilities:-

  • Your site may be the repository of sensible personal information of users. They believe on you to prevent their information from theft.
  • Others can place redirects, backlinks, advertisements, banners of sites they want to promote on your website.
  • Unauthorized users may access your website may eating your bandwidth without you know it.
  • So long as it’s not detected, malware may corrupt your site and gather users information. It can sent out emails to others and infect them too. This can leads to Google and other security services like AVG or Norton blacklisting your site.
  • Regular scans may sometime catch the security threats early and prevent site from being hacked.

Best WordPress Security Scanners for Detecting Malwares and Hacks:-

Carrying a basic scan for security vulnerabilities is not expensive or difficult. There are various free remote scanners & plugins available that can screen your sites from malware. Major differences between remote scanners and plugins that a scanner only looks at final version of your site as it displays on your browsers. It doesn’t look on your server and other malicious elements that remain undetected. When you make use of plugins it accesses your hosting server and does a deeper scan to detect malwares.

Remote Scanners:- Scanners are tools that may do a preliminary scan and reveal number of security issues. Most scanner generally works similar- simply enter url. Your site will be scanned as it visible in browser and generate a report.

  1. WPScans:- if you are looking for scanners specifically for WordPress then WPScans works for you. Here you will find the options to scan the url or signup for free or premium accounts.
  2. WordPress Security Scan:- This scanner also offers two option- free basic version and premium advanced options. It checks by calling a number of pages through regular web requests and analyze corresponding HTML source.
  3. Gravity Scan:- the recently released scanner does a thorough job of scanning all sites including WordPress sites. it carries out an extensive scan of site to identify security issues and vulnerabilities. It not only checks blacklist status but also examines links on your site to check it it is linked to blacklisted sites.
  4. WP Loop:- this works similar to other security scanner. Also it will check whether information about WP version, username, failed login attempts etc.


  1. Quttera:- this provide one click online scan. Also it packs in specific scanner that needs you to download plugin onto your WP site. This plugin will secure your site from malicious media, suspicious scripts and hidden threats. It will also let you know if you are blacklist anywhere. Remote servers of Quttera scan the data. After scan completion you will get a full investigation report which also recommend corrective actions.
  2. Wordfence:- this is a comprehensive security plugin that scans anything related to WordPress on your site including coding and image files. If you enable the option it also scans non-WordPress related files. Threat defence feed is updated constantly and is used by scanners to identify suspicious software.