Cover Image Vs Featured Image In WordPress Block Editor

Cover Image Vs Featured Image In WordPress Block Editor:-As we all know WordPress 5.0 was released with Gutenberg block editor and host of awesome features. One of those features is cover block which enables you to add cover image to your posts and pages. It may be confusing for some users as it looks similar to featured image option which has been in WordPress since WordPress 2.9.

In this post we will explain difference between cover image and featured image in WordPress block editor.

Cover Image Vs Featured Image In WordPress Block Editor

What is cover image?

Usually cover image is wide image that is used as cover photo for a new section in pages or posts. It is also a part of article and you can use cover image in the starting of any new section or new story within your article.

With the use of cover block you can add text and color overlay on cover image. By using appropriate color overlay that suits your theme color or content’s mood. You can make your posts engaging.

Similarly adding text overlay helps user easily identify from where a new section is started and what it is all about.

Traditionally bloggers make use of headings in separate sections in a blog post. With cover images now you have options to separate sections in more appealing way.

What is featured image?

Featured image is the main image of article which represents the content. Prominently this will displayed on your website on single post, blog archive page, and homepage news section.

Apart from this, featured images are also shown on social media feeds when article is shared. Featured images are carefully created to look stunning and attractive. This image gives an short idea of content and prompt them to the whole article.

Also you will find a meta box in post edit screen to add a featured image because by default almost all themes support featured images. How and where featured images are displayed is managed by WP theme.

How to add Cover Image in WordPress?

The WordPress Gutenberg block editor comes with a cover block to permit you to add new cover image in WordPress.

Initially you should have to create new post of edit existing one. On the edit screen, tap on click new block and then choose cover block.

Upon clicking you will see, Cover block is added to your content editor with options to add cover image. now you can simply drag and drop an image or video in block area to upload a cover image. Alternatively you can tap on upload button and choose an image from your computer.

If the image already exists in directory that you want to add then you can click on media library and select particular image.

Once adding the image you can customize it easily by tap on cover image. this will display a toolbar with lots of customization option like as write title and adding color overlay etc.

Apart from alignment option, cover block gives you two width choices like full width and wide width. The wide width option makes the look of image as wide as content. Instead of this the full width option makes the images cover whole window screen.

Next, you can add title to your cover image. When you click on image you will cursor with write title option in center of cover image.

Simply click that area to add text. You can write cover image title and format it according to your choices. Finally on the right side panel you will see cover block settings. You can keep fixed background to build a parallax effect for when users scroll the page.

Below color overlay options are also available. By default it add theme colors as overlay color with 50% transparency. But you can change colors according to you and also change its opacity.

Now lastly in advanced option, you can add css codes & more styles to cover image.