How to Create a Contact Page with WordPress

How to Create a Contact Page with WordPress:-Contact page is only the one thing that stands between you and your next sale. Every page of your website has a single goal to convert visitors into customers. If one page falls, it spreads to the root to rest of your site. In today’s post, I will disclose some contact page tricks that helps you in creating a contact page that doesn’t leave money on table. After that we also share a few plugins to help you in taking care of your contact page because you need to make it perfect from top to bottom.

Here are three simple tricks which you can use to create your contact page.

How to Create a Contact Page with WordPress

  1. Be Concise:- your client is on contact page because they want to contact you. Ideally, they are as of now sold and all they need presently is a method for connecting, not an address on why contacting you is the best thing they will ever do. Obviously, it is the best thing to you, however you are not the client. In this manner, keep your contact page uncluttered and direct.

Keep your contact page short, sweet and basic. You can include an “About” page to truly clarify your business. Your contact page ought to be about effort.


Tell your clients why they contact you because- probably you guessed it. You don’t need every person to contact you. Only you need is customer. Be particular:

  • Contact me to hire
  • Please contact me for free consultation
  • Contact us for more information
  • Or something similar should suffice.
  1. Build Trust:- Contact page should feels like an invitation, not marketing pamphlet. Visitors who lands on contact page should feel a sudden urge of RSVP- to start contact with you. They feel like running for hills. Make it easy for them to contact you and learn who you are.
  • Provide address
  • Links to privacy policy, FAQ and other relevant sources
  • Add social profile links
  1. Provide ways of contact:- your physical and mailing address build trust. What if a client needs urgent help to place order? What if they can’t visit your local store? Or likely, what if you don’t own a physical location.

You can provide instant communication by:

  • Telephone number that have access to 24/7, especially if you have clients globally.
  • Skype, GTalk or other instant messaging available for your business.
  • A mailbox that is monitored on regular basis.

And also a contact form! A fully functional form is must if customer relation is key for your business.