How to Fix Memory Exhausted Error By Increasing Php Memory Limit

How to Fix Memory Exhausted Error By Increasing Php Memory Limit:- WordPress is accomplished and most preferred content management system for those users who wants to work in a dedicated environment regardless of having little or no technical knowledge.

However as the time goes and you begin pushing your limits by exploring WP to its core & seeking out handy WordPress features. You may face various errors that affect day to day writing experience.

Unless these can be fixed immediately, it may be complex to find the experience you wanted. WordPress memory exhausted is such a common error that many website owners when any WP code needs more memory than allocated by default.

Should you really want to offer an incredible experience to your visitors then fix this error without any delay.  In today’s post we will explain step by step process to fix WordPress memory exhausted error by increasing Php memory limit.

Why Does WordPress Memory Exhausted Error Occur?

This is a basic error which usually hits any website when the allocated memory to a code or script falls short of required memory to run the script.

Website owners face this issue when they have multiple plugins, themes or application running on their blogs simultaneously. This issue occurs just to let you know that you need more memory to process whatever is going on.

How to Fix Memory Exhausted Error By Increasing Php Memory Limit

You can fix this error through the following steps. But before you proceed, take a full backup of your website to keep things on right place if something goes wrong at the moment of making changes on web server.

  • Login to web server using FTP. You can use FileZilla for demonstration purpose.
  • Once you’re on dashboard, navigate to public_html folder.
  • In public_html, look for wp_config.php file.
  • You need to download this file on your system.
  • In the editor, scroll to bottom line and look for “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */”.
  • Once you find it, write the following code above this line: “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);”
  • Save the file and refresh the website.
  • This trick helps you bring everything back to normal.

However if you still facing the same error even after increasing the Php memory using the above way, then contact your hosting provider.