Pipdig Theme Alternatives For WordPress Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Pipdig Theme Alternatives For WordPress Fashion & Lifestyle Blog:-Over the past one & half week, there’s been some publicized controversy with pipdig WordPress theme shop.

In short Wordfence and Jem Turner documented badly malicious code in pipdig power pack plugin, which is a part of its pipdig WordPress theme. The response from pipdig was not great and also pipdig is denying refund request from their customer.

We are here not going to discuss malicious code in detail. However we may help you if you are a pipdig customer who’s looking for some alternatives to pipdig themes.

Pipdig Theme Alternatives For WordPress Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

We’ll share both entire theme shops & specific themes that are best alternatives to pipdig.

  1. Bluchic:- this makes feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs. They have ton of great designs for fashion and lifestyle blogs and their aesthetic is similar to what pipdig offered.

In total Bluchic offers 14 different themes to choose from, so you may find something with functionality & style you want . Prices are also pretty similar to pipdig. Most of the pipdig themes cost $69 and bluchic themes cost $79.

The most important part of Bluchic is- it has been around for long time and is completely clean. It is run by a husband and wife team who are very transparent about who you’re working with.

  1. Nimbus Theme:- this is another quality theme shop with lots of options for lifestyle and fashion blogs. Unlike bluchic, it’s not focused 100% on those niches. However you will get a few separate themes for niches such as:
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion

Prices are also cheaper then pipdig themes, coming in just $49 for access to all themes.

  1. Solo Pine:- this is one more theme shop that follows similar aesthetic to pipdig. They offer 11 different themes for you to select from with affordable price at $49.
  2. EasyThemePacks:- this offers a bit of twist on things. Instead of standalone themes, it offers access to great looking templates for the elementor page builder.

The upside of this tactic is that you can customize look of your website using simple drag & drop editing. Two good fashion focused themes are Beauty Boogle and Viva La Vogue.

Conclusion:- pipdig themes situation is unfortunate but we hope this article provide you with a little help to search an alternatives that work for you. Unfortunately changing themes on established site is never fun. Also you can use Mark Jaquith’s P3 Neutraliser Plugin to block malicious code in pipdig power pack plugin  & give yourself some extra time to switch.