Tools Every Serious Blogger Should Know About

Tools Every Serious Blogger Should Know About:-If you are a blogger then surely you are running various blog websites which can utilize most of your time. There is so much in each blog just the writing of it.  You have to make sure that your content is correct and upto date, optimized for SEO keywords, and interesting to engage visitors. Then you have to manage comments both on your blog and social media & spend high time on marketing so you gain followers. All this can be very time consuming but also there are some tools that helps you to make it a bit simpler.

Tools Every Serious Blogger Should Know About

Grammarly:– This tool checks for grammatical and spelling errors and underline them if finds in your blog. You can also paste a blog in it and it will show you errors as well as if you are working with WordPress it automatically checks content with your typing. It is free of cost and easy to install and minimize errors in your content.

Yoast SEO:-  All bloggers know very well how important is SEO and one of the best tool that helps you out in this is Yoast SEO. It assures you that you cover all the basics like Word count, links, focus keywords, meta description and other points. You can install this plugin while working on WordPress platform, it will list important seo tasks for you if need any adjustments.

Notepad++ Alternatives:-  Although Notepad++ is popular code editor for windows, it doesn’t work with Mac. If you are searching for  something that you can use on your laptop what is alternative of Notepad++ for mac?  Coderunner, Expresso and Teacode are recommended to make your work easy.

Revive Old Posts:- this is very easy tool that makes sharing your  posts automatic. It randomly pick post from past to be shared at whatever time duration you select. Unlike some other blogging tools this tool is not available for free but it saves your lots of time and effort.

Broken link checker:-this is the most favorite plugin for scanning pages and posts to check broken links and notify via WordPress dashboard if any broken link found.

Revision Control:- This is a WordPress plugin which offers user control over the post/pages revisions.

Organize Series:- To write post in parts that published at different dates especially if the main subject is too large to cover in just single post. Organize series helps you in the same.