Ultimate Guide of WooCommerce SEO For Products

Ultimate Guide of WooCommerce SEO For Products:- Every business either it is small, medium or large needs SEO. That is why search engine optimization is an essential marketing channel. According to some sources 93% online experiences begin with search engine and 75% visitors don’t like to scroll past the 1st page of search result. That means if you want to generate more traffic to your WooCommerce store, you need to optimize it for relevant search keywords.

What is SEO?

Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo directs visitors to most relevant websites or page. They consider various facts both technical and creative to rank and list websites in search result. SEO is process of updating website in attempt to rank high on search results to get free or organic traffic.

Although it seems complicated but it’s not. The great thing is there is a high research been done on SEO and you all need to apply expert finding on your WooCommerce store to help it.

WooCommerce product page & seo:-

A WooCommerce online store is a collection of products that serve particular purpose. You want to rank some products when user searches for them. For instance you want to rank your blue hat product page when someone searches for “blue hat”.

But there are lots of websites available with same products. How you ensure that your website will rank on top? Search engine crawlers look for ranking signals to match particular search term with related result. for WooCommerce product page, the ranking signals are presence of search term in url, title and content, speed in which page loads, mobile speed of page, links to the page from external sites, social popularity indicator, and a lot more.

Ultimate Guide of WooCommerce SEO For Products

Improve Product Page with SEO Basics:-

Once you have a main keyword, make sure it appears in most important sections of WooCommerce Product page. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Product Url:- availability of search term in url is considered strong ranking signal. Even if search term is present in domain itself, then page will rank inevitably. Product url should contain your focus keyword. You have to follow this process when creating new pages. But for existing pages you can’t change the page url. Changing url mean losing all the SEO value of page and might affect your ranking.
  2. Product title:- focus keyword should be present in product title to help page rank.
  3. Product description:- SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO will suggest you that content on any page should not less than 300 words. Same thing required for your WooCommerce product page. Your product page should contain detailed description of product with primary or secondary keywords appearing 2-3 times. Again the key is to frame the content naturally and not overuse of keywords.
  4. Images and Videos:- search engine experts says “a video is post increases the organic traffic from search result by 15.7%”. Images & videos on product page helps better understand the products and engage purchasers. Images should be of high quality and optimized to keep the page size minimum. Videos must be hosted on platforms like vimeo or Youtube and then added on a product page.
  5. Reviews and Ratings:- reviews and ratings by visitors are trust factors & are very highly considered by search engines. Presence of reviews on product page helps it to rank high on relevant searches. The best thing is WooCommerce helps you in displaying product rating on search result to add SEO value.

Advanced SEO Tactics to Boost Product Page Ranking:-

You can also try some advanced changes to optimize your store. Apart from content present on product page search engines review some other factors to help decide page ranking. These involve:

  • Keywords in product page meta
  • Optimize for mobile services
  • Adding fresh content
  • Backlinks